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Our Company - Three Circle Software & Gun StoreMaster™ Three Circle Software - Respect the Wilderness!

Gun StoreMaster is a development of Three Circle Software, LLC., part of a $400 million dollar group of companies with a wide range of capabilities and focus.  It's like being part of a big family where you can draw upon the varied strengths and skills of a strong team of people.

We have facilities in Newport Beach California and Austin Texas.  Our software is developed in Austin.

Why the firearm retail business?

Because we firmly believe firearm retailers need better and more affordable tools to address the new challenges being heaped on their businesses.  A strong, profitable firearm retail business demands sophisticated, yet easy to use tools to compete.  Other markets have these tools, and companies that use them have an advantage.  We set out to even the field by providing modern, affordable, easy to use technology tools that help firearm retailers reduce the effort needed to manage their firearm business while promoting long-term sustainability and growth .

Why are we different?

Our 30+ years of history with shipping, logistics, data management and customer service with direct connections to the firearm retailing industry makes us different - we think this combination allows us to create innovative, useful solutions for you.  Additionally, we have helped transform businesses that traditionally did not utilize technology into ones that do.  We didn't just 'dump' technology on our customers, we work with our customers to match needs with solutions. 

Always Accurate, Simply Superior

Yes, it's our service mark but more than that, it's what Our Company stands for - Accuracy, Simplicity & Superiority in everything we endeavor to do. 

Gun StoreMaster™
Always Accurate, Simply Superior sm

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