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Our Company History

Our company was formed to bring modern and cost effective solutions to businesses that were underserved or had fragmented offerings.

Our early history centered around the shipping, mailing and logistics businesses.  Just as with gun stores, the early shipping and logistics functions relied on printed shipping 'manifests' that were integral to the business workflow.  As technology improved, more and more companies abandoned the old manual processes in favor of automation.

This process was slow to take place, but eventually fewer and fewer companies kept paper shipping records because the electronic versions were so much easier to use and maintain.  Trying to find shipping information used to require looking at a paper manifest.

Our systems kept shipping & logistics information for thousands of companies secure and segregated from each other.  These same systems were used to perform mission critical applications, for example, online shipping of parcels for the entire United Kingdom.  Systems that we created still manage billions of transactions per year.  Currently, nearly every piece of mail in the United States that was paid for at a Post Office or package in the United Kingdom carries information that was developed by our team.

The similarity between the early shipping & logistics business and the firearm retail business was striking.

We organized Three Circle Software to develop Gun StoreMaster, an expanding ecosystem for firearm collectors and retailers, and to expand our solutions to other needy markets.

Gun StoreMaster™
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