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fast4473™ Systemfast4473 - automate your ATF 4473 process!

Fast - Reliable - Easy-to-Use - Convenient - Compliant

fast4473 is a cutting-edge method of enabling customers to complete ATF Form 4473 on a tablet or desktop browser.

Fully integrated with Gun StoreMaster™, fast4473 greatly increases accuracy, reduces errors and further ensures compliance with ATF mandates by double-checking entries and processes. 

fast4473 is also available for large enterprise class customers.  

Centrally manage all your 4473 forms across your entire enterprise.  For more information on our enterprise fast4473 solution, please give us a call.

While customers are completing their part of the 4473 form, the FFL dealer can simultaneously complete their sections.  Working in parallel speeds up the process without sacrificing accuracy or completeness. 

fast4473 benefits include:

  • Convenient and easy to use for firearm buyers
  • Eliminate incomplete and hard-to-read ATF 4473 forms.
  • Enterprise class fast4473 version available - Centrally manage all your 4473 forms across your entire multi-location enterprise!
  • Works on portable tablet devices or computers – just need a web browser & Internet access
  • Captures electronic signatures of buyers - no ATF variance required!
  • Completely portable system – works great at gun shows
  • Complete and convenient access to ATF Notices, Instructions and Definitions
  • No limit to the number of customers that can use fast4473 at the same time
  • Automatic city, county and state lookups help insure accuracy and legibility
  • Convenient FFL dealer tools help spot disqualifying buyer responses
  • Auto-Generate Transferor's Transaction Serial Numbers (TTSN)
  • Complies with ATF Rul. 2016-2
  • Fully integrated with Gun StoreMaster insure your ATF bound book matches the 4473
  • Simple multi-gun dispositions from a single 4473 form
  • Extensive data security is employed by all Gun StoreMaster software
  • For QuickBooks POS integrated systems - Automatically creates customers in your POS system

For a limited time, all Gun StoreMaster PRO subscribers can access fast4473 at no additional charge!

fast4473 is another innovative Gun StoreMaster enhancement making it easier to manage your gun store.  For more information, please contact us.

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