Secure Data

Your Gun Store's Data Security is Critical.Gun StoreMaster Data is Secure!

We consider the security, confidentiality, availability and reliability of your information critical for both our businesses.  We don't compromise here - it's that important.

Data needs to be:

  • Secure - it won't just 'disappear'.
  • Confidential- only the rightful owner has access.
  • Accessible - what good is the data if you can't get to it when you need to?
  • Reliable - the data won't change on it's own.

Here are a few ways we address data safety and security:

  • We leverage the same online data systems used by banking and large online retail companies
  • Access to your data requires credentials (user name and a strong password)
  • By BATF rule 2016-1, your BATF Bound Book data resides on your computer
  • Your BATF Bound Book data is backed up automatically every few minutes (your computer must be connected to the Internet)
  • Gun StoreMaster data is replicated continuously in real-time - not just a couple times per day
  • Access to the Gun StoreMaster computing environment is heavily protected, both physically and from a personnel standpoint
  • Sensitive information is encrypted
  • Personally Identifiable Information is encrypted and is only stored as needed
  • Online storage of data is in multiple locations for redundancy
  • We provide an easy way to export / print your critical information without the need for an Internet connection

We recommend using your Gun StoreMaster™ system to export your data periodically. 

After all, how safe and secure is writing on paper?

Gun StoreMaster™
Always Accurate, Simply Superiorsm

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