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Product Comparison

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 Gun StoreMaster Product BASIC PRO
Designed for Collector/Small Store Gun Stores
2-Year Subscription price (one payment made every 2 years) $7.50 / Month $37.50 / Month
1-Year Subscription price (one payment made per year) $9.00 / Month $45.00 / Month
Month-to-Month Subscription price (monthly payment) $10.00 / Month $50.00 / Month
MarketView Option Subscription price   Coming Soon!
Open Firearm Inventory 50 UNLIMITED
Maximum Firearms Disposed UNLIMITED UNLIMITED
Included Storage Space 5 GB 10 GB
Gun StoreMaster InStore™
eSAFE™ Bound Book
Full Auto Backup
Encrypted, Secure Confidential Data
Fast & Easy eSAFE Bound Book Search
Statistics At-a-Glance
Print or View eSAFE Bound Book
Attach Notes, Pictures & Documents
Export eSAFE Bound Book Records
Expandable Storage Space
Discounts for Longer Term Commitments
fast4473™ electronic 4473 system -
fastINVENTORY™ automated inventory -
QuickBooks Point of Sale Integration -
Manage Store Staff -
Print Tags for Price, Transfers & Repairs -
Manage Repairs, Transfers & Antiques -
Comprehensive Business Reporting -
FFL Lookup and Automatic Entry -
Fast Firearm Repeat Mode -
Batch Processing -
Multi-Firearm Reporting -
Multiple Bound Book Support -
Advanced Manufacturing Workflow -
Consignments -
GSM MarketView™ Capable -
Fully Automated Multi-Firearm Form Management -
Electronic Customer Notification System -

Gun StoreMaster™
Always Accurate, Simply Superior sm

Feature under development

Features and pricing are subject to change without notice. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.
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