Gun StoreMaster InStore™ Gun StoreMaster InStore

Electronically Store Your Firearm Acquisition and Disposition Information all in One Place

InStore keeps your firearm acquisition and disposition information safely stored 'In Your Store' while allowing you to access it through Gun StoreMaster over the Internet. It's the best of both online and offline worlds and is included FREE to all Gun StoreMaster subscription levels.
Don't risk your FFL license with a non-compliant system!  Use Gun StoreMaster and Gun StoreMaster InStore!
What is InStore?
InStore is where your primary firearm data (A&D Log or 'Bound Book') is stored. Since InStore runs on a computer that you own (and is typically 'In-Your-Store'), you'll always have access to your firearm data, even without Internet access. InStore automatically synchronizes with Gun StoreMaster - that means that you use your web browser to access the full features of Gun StoreMaster online while the firearm data automatically synchronizes with InStore!

Stores YOUR firearm records on YOUR computer Synchronizes automatically with Gun StoreMaster
Data is confidential and secure Provides for CONTINUOUS Backup!
Can operate without an Internet Connection* View an print your Bound Book
Acquire and Dispose firearms offline if needed Easy to use - works in the background
Automatically backs up your Bound Book Daily ATF compliant (Ruling 2016-1)

Why was InStore Created?
In April 2016, the BATF released ATF Rul. 2016-1. This ruling addressed electronic firearm records and where the records are stored.  InStore was created to address this ruling's intent, as well as the intent of the previous ruling 2013-5, that the FFL should have their firearm records stored on a computer the FFL owns (and is located in the USA). To enhance our leadership position in the electronic firearm record keeping marketplace, our customers enjoy the convenience and ease-of-use of Gun StoreMaster access via the Internet while benefiting from local firearm access redundancy.

Gun StoreMaster™
Always Accurate, Simply Superior sm

* Synchronizing with Gun StoreMaster uses the Internet.