Gun StoreMaster™ PRO

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Professional firearm ATF compliance software for gun stores, Gun StoreMaster PRO has the features needed to easily manage firearm regulatory and inventory requirements, freeing you up to spend more time with your customers.

FFL retailers and manufacturers benefit from Gun StoreMaster PRO through ATF regulatory automation, reduced compliance risk and less time entering, searching, storing and backing up your firearm data. Additionally, our extremely popular electronic 4473 system fast4473™ and our multi-firearm system fast3310™is included at no additional charge for PRO subscribers, an incredible value.  Gun StoreMaster PRO can conveniently keep documents, notes or pictures connected with each individual gun. For QuickBooks Point of Sale users, Gun StoreMaster PRO includes a comprehensive integration feature that is second to none!  
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eSAFE™ Bound Book - Fast & Accurate fast4473™– Electronic 4473 System!
fast3310™– Electronic 3310 System! fastINVENTORY™– Physical Inventory
Support (email/phone)- INCLUDED! Inventory - UNLIMITED!
Easy to Learn - Train Your Staff in Minutes Manage Repairs, Transfers and Consignments
Access - ANYWHERE from a Web Browser Print Bar-coded Labels & Price Tags
Automatic Backup for your Bound Book ATF Compliant (Rulings 2016-1 & 2016-2)
Store Statistics and Reports at a Glance Attach Notes, Pictures and Documents!
Quickly Look up Other FFLs Easy to Edit Information
Data is Confidential and Secure - AICPA SOC 2  Destroyed, Lost & Stolen Dispositions
Print your Bound Book or save as a PDF Physical Inventory and Export features
Manage your Business and Staff Advanced Manufacturing Workflow
Integration with QuickBooks® POS New Features Constantly Added
Fast Contact Entry with TouchPoints FREE Data Migration Service - call for details

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* Intuit and QuickBooks are trademarks and service marks of Intuit Inc., registered in the United States and other countries.

Gun StoreMaster™ BASIC

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For individual firearm collectors or very small gun stores, Gun StoreMaster BASIC is an affordable, entry level system designed to professionally manage firearm record keeping.

Although designed for individuals or small gun stores, Gun StoreMaster BASIC is still packed with important features normally reserved for more expensive systems, such as adding attachments, pictures or documents. You also get the easy-to-use, easy-to-learn system that can effortlessly expand when your needs require it. For larger gun stores, we recommend Gun StoreMaster PRO.
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ATF compliant (Ruling 2016-1) Store statistics and reports at a glance

eSAFE™ Bound Book - Fast & Accurate Data is confidential and secure
Easy to learn - Takes just minutes to be productive Access - ANYWHERE
Inventory – 50 open items Easy to upgrade to Gun StoreMaster PRO
Automatic Backup for your Bound Book Manage receipt and distributions of firearms and antiques
Attach pictures and documents-5 GB Included! Easy to edit information
Add notes at any time Destroyed, Lost & Stolen Dispositions
Print your Bound Book or save as a PDF Physical Inventory and Export features

 * Cancel anytime within the first 30 days without obligation.

Gun StoreMaster™ DEMO


No strings attached - Here's how it works:

  • Click on the FREE Demo button above.
  • Enter an email address (no credit card or other information needed!)
  • We'll email you a link to your own Demo account. 

Your Free Demo account lets you explore Gun StoreMaster risk free.  After you log into the Demo account, you can watch a short video presentation that will help you become familiar with the features of Gun StoreMaster, acquire or dispose firearms and see how easy it is to use.  Although the Demo account does not contain all the features that a LIVE account does, a Demo is a quick and risk free way to experience Gun StoreMaster..  The Demo account is pre-populated with a number of sample firearms, can support up to 50 open items (firearms in inventory).

  • Enter your own firearms and see how easy it is to manage.
  • Repairs, Transfers, Dispositions, statistics - it's all there for you to explore.

Unlike a LIVE Gun StoreMaster subscription, after the Demo account period has expired, any information that was entered will be deleted. 
Call us to set up a live-person web demonstration of Gun StoreMaster, it takes only minutes to become an expert and there's never any obligation!  

First 30-Days are Free for New Subscribers

We hope you decide to become a Gun StoreMaster subscriber and join our passionate FFL group interested in improving their businesses. 

In addition to the Free Demo account option, all new Gun StoreMaster subscribers signing up for a LIVE account are provided with an initial 30-Day Free Trial period.  If at any point during the initial 30-Day Free Trial period you wish to cancel, simply select the cancel subscription button (under Manage | My Account), your credit card will not be charged.

Unlike the Demo account, LIVE accounts contain all the applicable features of Gun StoreMaster.  The initial firearm database will be empty and ready for you to enter or import your firearms.  We also offer a free migration service to help you switch to Gun StoreMaster.

QuickBooks® Point of Sale for Gun Stores!

Transform QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS) into a great system for gun stores!  Gun StoreMaster PRO can fully integrate with QuickBooks POS to create a powerful, cost effective point-of-sale solution for gun stores.

If you already use QuickBooks POS or are considering buying it for your gun store, Gun StoreMaster seamlessly integrates with it creating a simple to use and cost effective gun store management system.  

The QuickBooks POS integration feature comes standard on Gun StoreMaster PRO accounts at no additional cost. 

Benefits of Gun StoreMaster with QuickBooks POS:

  • Firearms Entered into Gun StoreMaster are Automatically Entered into QuickBooks POS Inventory.
  • Creates an Affordable Point-of-Sale System Tailored for Gun Stores.
  • fast4473™Buyers Automatically Create Customers in QuickBooks POS
  • Reduce Data Entry Time and Errors - Enter Data Only Once!
  • Customer Information from Gun StoreMaster Automatically Updates QuickBooks POS!
  • Very Easy to Get Started and Use!
  • Automatically Creates Receiving Vouchers for Vendors in QuickBooks POS.
  • Multi-Barcode Gun StoreMaster Price Tags make QuickBooks Sales Fast and Accurate.
  • QuickBooks POS is Easy to Install, Learn and Use with over 100,000 Business Customers.
  • Take Trades, Buy & Sell Firearms, Use Barcodes, Ring up and Account for Sales, Take Credit Cards.
  • Manage Trade-Ins, Transfers, Returns, Layaways, Rewards, Price Changes and Multiple Vendors.
  • Improve Your Business Profitability with Better Inventory Management.
  • Tackle both New and Used Firearm Transactions.
  • Integrates with QuickBooks POS Desktop version 2010 or newer.

If you’re thinking about moving up from a cash register or are tired of expensive POS software solutions, we invite you to consider the benefits of Gun StoreMaster & QuickBooks POS.

Intuit and QuickBooks are trademarks and service marks of Intuit Inc., registered in the United States and other countries. 
QuickBooks POS is NOT included with your Gun StoreMaster subscription, but integration is.  QuickBooks POS is sold separately by QuickBooks retailers throughout the USA. 
Gun StoreMaster integration with QuickBooks POS is included in the PRO subscription package.