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What is Gun StoreMaster™?Gun StoreMaster - Great Software for Gun Stores

Easy-to-Use and Affordable Software for FFL Retailers, Manufacturers or Collectors! 

Gun StoreMaster is software that reduces the workload facing FFL dealers, manufacturers and collectors.

Access your Gun StoreMaster account using a web browser from wherever your work demands. 

We don't charge by the user, computer, firearm inventory size or any other complicated method.  Live customer support is included at no additional charge. 

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Gun StoreMaster can be accessed by your staff simultaneously and software updates are done automatically.  There no software to install or maintain to access your online Gun StoreMaster account.  Included with your Gun StoreMaster subscription is a program called InStore™.  InStore keeps your firearm data synchronized to your local store computer.

Gun StoreMaster streamlines the buy, sell, repair, consign, transfer, manufacture and trade workflows to make managing your FFL business easier.

With Gun StoreMaster MarketView™, firearm value research is so much faster and easier than other methods.  Just key in a few gun terms and see the firearm marketplace explode with information.

QuickBooks Point of Sale (QB POS):
Tired of looking for an affordable point-of-sale system for your gun store?  Look no more!  Gun StoreMaster can now fully integrate with QuickBooks® Point of Sale (POS) one of the world's most popular point-of-sale systems.  Just think - no more duplicate entry or error prone processes!  Gun StoreMaster also connects to existing QuickBooks POS systems.  Click Here for more QuickBooks POS information.

But that's only the start!

Here's a few of the Gun StoreMaster features:  For a more comprehensive list of features, Click Here.

Electronic A&D Logbook BATF compliant system relieves anxiety over compliance issues.  It's fast, secure and easy-to-use.
fast4473 Electronic 4473 System - Complete, legible, accurate ATF Form 4473 information integrated with your Gun StoreMaster PRO firearm inventory
QuickBooks Point of Sale*
Less typing, better accuracy and full control of your store's business activities all at an affordable price.
Automatic Data Backup
Stop worrying about backing up your data.  Gun StoreMaster automatically takes care of this for you straight out of the box.  It even handles disaster recovery!
Gun Value Tools
Quickly determine the 'market' price for a gun with Gun StoreMaster MarketView™. Be armed with superior information to support the sales price.
Buy Smarter Through MarketView, you'll access superior information through our partner Blue Book of Gun Values as well as other sources - all in one place!  Manage your store's used gun private party transactions.
ATF Trace - No Problem!
Answer ATF trace requests in moments rather than minutes or hours.  Quickly find the right firearm with just a few keystrokes.
Online Access
Access your information via the Internet.  Access anywhere, anytime.  Conveniently manage your firearm data from a web browser from a gun show, home or on the go.
Sell Guns at Auction With MarketView, your gun inventory can easily be branded, monitored and sold on popular gun auction sites like GunBroker.com.
Customer Communications For Gun StoreMaster PRO subscribers, your customers can be automatically contacted when their gun is ready for pickup, saving you time and effort and making for a better customer experience.
Store Branding Imagine an automatic way that creates store-branded brochures for all your gun inventory!  People will instantly recognize your store brand wherever they see one of your guns for sale.

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*  QuickBooks Point of Sale sold separately.

Gun StoreMaster™
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