Successful firearm retailers know their business.  Gun StoreMaster reports and export capabilities help firearm retailers monitor their performance and stay in compliance.  From open inventory and multi-sale reports to performance and custom exports, the versatile reporting capabilities built-in to Gun StoreMaster make it easier to know your business.

Of course there are the required reports, such as the ATF Acquisition and Disposition log (Bound Book), but Gun StoreMaster provides so much more!  Each firearm has it's own 'Detail' report, there are performance oriented reports that address inventory, financial and service related transactions.  Audit reports allow you to view segments of your firearm transactions, such as only firearms brought in for repair or for a particular date range and are very useful during ATF audits.  The powerful export capabilities let you create CSV or Excel files of your data, including your TouchPoint (customer) list and transaction details, allowing endless opportunities to create your own custom reporting tools.  

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