Tired of the time and trouble physical inventory causes?  fastINVENTORY lets you scan your bar-coded Gun StoreMaster price tags with a mobile scanner making the physical inventory process fast and accurate.  What took hours can now take minutes!

fastINVENTORY is a comprehensive yet easy-to-use physical inventory system which allows multiple people to 'scan' Gun StoreMaster labels to count inventory.  Unlike other systems, fastINVENTORY addresses progressive inventory processes and supports multiple people simultaneously scanning (counting) inventory.

Wired or wireless bar-code scanning equipment can be used, including free mobile applications that can use a smart phone instead of requiring the purchase of dedicated bar-code scanners.  As an example, a Gun StoreMaster FFL was burglarized, with the thieves only taking a few firearms in the shop.  Using fastINVENTORY, the FFL was able to determine the exact firearm loss with all the details before ATF arrived at the shop.  Most of the firearms were retrieved quickly and the criminals were jailed.

Let fastINVENTORY help you manage your firearm inventory.  With the time saved, you can take a vacation instead of working all night to count firearms!

Subscription Level: PRO