Let Gun StoreMaster help manage your firearm consignment business.  Managing consignments is a tedious effort, Gun StoreMaster can ease that burden by keeping track of important consignment details, such as the consignment contract and payment calculations.

Gun StoreMaster records consignment details such the authorized price range, consignment hold and release dates, consignment duration, consignment fees (both percentage of sale and flat fee structures), additional charges (like repair fees) and consignment notes.  Additionally, Gun StoreMaster can print a consignment information term document with custom notes (such as your terms and conditions) for the consignor to sign.

Once the sale is made, a handy consignment receipt can be printed for the consignor showing the calculations of their net proceeds.  Consigned firearms can quickly be displayed or printed.  Like all firearms, Gun StoreMaster allows attachments, such as pictures of the gun condition or notes.  With the ability to store standard consignment terms, logging in a consignment firearm and creating a receipt are fast and accurate.

Price tags for consignments are also unique, showing the release date code, potential to write in a consignment sales price amount and an indication that the firearm is a consignment - all features designed to make it easier for FFL retailers to support consignment sales.

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