eSAFE™ Bound Book Features

The Gun StoreMaster eSAFE electronic Bound Book makes managing firearm transactions a snap when compared to hand-written or even other electronic bound book systems.


Easily search for firearms in the eSAFE Bound Book. Respond to ATF Trace Requests in seconds. Add notes or images to a firearm record with a click of a button. All relevant transaction history and detail is conveniently located in one place. Since all firearm transactions are included in your eSAFE Bound Book, you can view or report on any segment, such as repairs, manufactured firearms, consignments, transfers, etc. (please note that some transactions types are not available at the BASIC subscription level).
FFL dealers must maintain on their licensed premises A&D records that document the acquisition and disposition of firearms. A&D records must include information about the receipt, sale, or other disposition of firearms.
*Gun StoreMaster's eSAFE™ Bound Book sets the standard for ATF compliant formatted Acquisition and Disposition record keeping - Print your Bound Book, or save as a .PDF on demand
This includes, but is not limited to:
• Firearms for sale or trade
• Consignments
• Pawned Firearms
• Repairs/Gunsmithing (if received for repair/gunsmith work AND kept overnight)
• Replacement firearms
• Loan or rental that is away from your licensed premises
• All other acquisitions and dispositions of firearms
 All firearms that you acquire must be documented in your A&D record with the following information:
• Manufacturer, Importer (if any), or Privately Made Firearm (PMF) notation
• Country of Manufacture (Required for import only)
• Model Name/Number
• Serial Number
• Type
• Caliber or Gauge
• Date of Acquisition
• Name and address OR Name and License Number (FFL)
All firearms that you dispose must be documented in your A&D record with the following information:

• Date of Disposition
• Name
• ATF Form 4473 Transferor's/Sellers Transaction Serial Number (TTSN#) OR Address, or License Number (if FFL holder)
Additional thoughts about information in your Acquisition and Disposition records:

• All informational edits, corrections, or changes must be recorded with the firearm's entry. Entries cannot be erased or deleted from a bound book record.
*Gun StoreMaster™ seamlessly adds and tracks changes in your bound book as they are made.  
• Additional annotations (notes) for miscellaneous explanations to a bound book are a good idea for any information that falls outside of the normal requirements,  but should still be included.
*Gun StoreMaster™ offers the ability to add bound book annotations with ease
Generally the required acquisition information must be recorded in your A&D record no later than the close of the next business day following the date of acquisition. However, if you maintain a commercial record of the acquisition, and the commercial record meets the requirements of 27 CFR 478.125(g), you may delay the recording of the acquisition information in your bound book for 7 days following the date of acquisition. If the acquisition information is not entered in the A&D record prior to the sale or other disposition of the firearm, you must enter the acquisition information at the time of the sale or other disposition.
The commercial record must be (1) maintained by the licensee separated from other commercial documents maintained by such licensee and (2) readily available for inspection at the licensed premises.
The required disposition information must be recorded in your A&D record no later than seven days following the date of the sale or other disposition.
ATF 2016-1
Traditionally, FFL dealers maintained their Acquisition and Disposition records in a spiral bound notebook containing a blank ledger where they would handwrite their firearm transaction data. This is where the term "Bound Book" originates. Today firearm dealers have bound book options expanding into the digital world. ATF 2016-1 authorizes electronic methods to be used in the firearms acquisition and disposition recordkeeping process. Gun StoreMaster™ follows standards laid out ATF 2016-1 allowing FFL dealers to maintain their records neatly, efficiently, and conveniently.
*Gun StoreMaster™ offers a FREE migration assistance service to all new PRO customers that would like to migrate their bound book records from another electronic service or format.