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Staff Management


Gun StoreMaster™ PRO doesn't just allow your store to keep records. You also get accurate accountability of your records with our staff accounts feature. Instead of sharing a single login with everyone in your operation, each user can be assigned their own staff account to use with your Gun StoreMaster™ account.
The audit trail gives you a detailed story of the Who, What, and When story of a firearm's history in your bound book records - Staff accounts allow your audit trails to be as precise as possible.
Staff accounts used in conjunction with the notes feature in Gun StoreMaster™ allow your employees to document their communication about a particular firearm record:
4473 Forms may pass through multiple hands before completion. Staff accounts make it possible to know who was involved at each point in a transaction:
Adding an employee's email address can allow them to manage and recover their own password information - no need to distract management with password reset requests: