Advanced Manufacturing Workflow - Features

Manufacturers and Assemblers, Gun StoreMaster helps keep track of your transactions quickly and accurately.  Manufacturing workflow captures the acquisition - disposition movement of a firearm through the process.  Batch processing and reference fields help manage the movement and transformation of a manufactured firearm.



Advanced Manufacturing Workflow for Type 07 FFLs
As a Type 07 FFL user of Gun StoreMaster™ PRO you will receive an additional module designed to seamlessly document the assembly and manufacturing process in your bound book records, included at no additional charge! Spend more time focusing on building the firearms your customers are asking for, and less time worrying that your bound book is in order.
Our assembly manufacturing process is a multi stage bound book recording process which helps make visual and logical sense of the assembly manufacturing process. This process is used if you are taking an existing firearm item, typically in the form of a receiver or frame that is current in your bound book, and assembling it into another type of fully functioning firearm.

1. Your firearm starts its life by being acquired into your Gun StoreMaster™ eSAFE™ bound book.

2. When you intend to start assembling the firearm, use the move to manufacturing function. This will record a disposition for your original record, and acquire a new record that is used as the marker during the time you are assembling the firearm. In this stage, it is not considered completed, but in process. This state is considered "In Manufacturing"

3. Once you have completed the assembly of the new firearm, you use the move a manufactured item process to add the new details regarding the firearm you have assembled. This step will record a disposition for the second record, or the "In Manufacturing" record, and acquire a 3rd and final record for the completed firearm to indicate in your bound book that the manufacturing process for the assembled firearm is completed, and update with the details of the changes.

 ATF AMFER Report 

The ATF requires Type 07 FFLs to report yearly production data for the manufacture and exportation of firearms on the AMFER (Annual Firearms Manufacturing and Exportation Report) (ATF 5300.11)
FFLs can obtain a copy of this fillable report from the ATF here:
FFLs can also sign up to e-file this report here:
Gun StoreMaster™ makes it easy to pull data regarding your manufactured items to make it easy to complete the ATF's required AMFER report 
Please contact the Gun StoreMaster™ sales team for more information on our manufacturing workflow module or to see it in action!