Store Statistics and Reports

In addition to offering you the best interface available for managing your compliance with the ATF, Gun StoreMaster™ PRO also gives you valuable insight, and reporting options that help you with managing your compliance, and insights into your business that are simply not available when using a paper logbook. 
Inventory Aging Report
Quickly see which guns in inventory are slow to sell using Gun StoreMaster™ Inventory Aging Report. See how much money is tied up in slow moving inventory, giving you the insight to be able to make discounting decisions to free up capital for your business.
Best Sellers Report
See which firearms have been flying off your shelves with Gun StoreMaster™ Best Sellers List. This Best Seller's list will show guns that were in inventory the shortest period of time as well as the overall inventory turnover for each type of gun.
Store Performance Report
See your store's financial performance and trends with Gun StoreMaster™ Store Performance report. This report will show revenue, costs and margins for each firearm type, including a trend analysis. On top of the data analysis, get visual representations of your store performance based on revenue, cost, and margin trends.
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