Destroyed, Lost & Stolen Dispositions

Lost or Stolen Firearms 

Any Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL) who has knowledge of the theft or loss of any firearms from their inventory must report such theft or loss within 48 hours of discovery to ATF and to the local law enforcement agency. (Regulations at 27 CFR § 478.39a and implementing 18 U.S.C. § 923(g)(6) require that the report of theft or loss be made by telephone and in writing to ATF).

Upon discovery of any theft or loss of any of your firearms from your FFL inventory:

1. First, call your local law enforcement agency to report the theft or loss. Contacting the local law enforcement authorities is essential to the quick recovery of firearms taken in a crime. If the firearms are unaccounted for during inventory, you should make it clear to the authorities that there is no evidence of a crime and that the disposition of these firearms is unknown and may stem from a record keeping error.

2. Second, call the ATF’s Stolen Firearms Program Manager toll free at 1-888-930-9275. They can also assist in the preparation of the Theft / Loss Report for submission. ATF will work with the local law enforcement authorities investigating the theft.

3. Third, complete the report form (ATF Form 3310.11) and attach any continuation sheets necessary (ATF Form 3310.11A) and mail it to ATF’s National Tracing Center. Be sure to submit the original form(s) to ATF and retain copies for your records.

Licensees shall reflect the theft or loss of a firearm as a disposition entry in the Record of Acquisition and Disposition required by 27 CFR Part 478 Subpart H, not later than 7 days following discovery of the theft/loss. The disposition entry should indicate whether the incident is a theft or loss, the ATF Issued Incident Number, and the incident number provided by the local law enforcement agency. In the unfortunate event that your FFL incurs such a loss.

Destroyed Firearms 

An unserviceable firearm is not automatically considered destroyed, and is still regulated as a "firearm" according to Federal Law. The ATF provides very clear guidance on what they consider the acceptable methods of destroying a firearm. While Gun StoreMaster™ can't help you with the physical act of destroying an unserviceable firearm, we can help you appropriately document a destroyed firearm disposition in your bound book records.

Gun StoreMaster makes it easy to document the disposition of a firearm that has been lost, stolen, or destroyed.




Though we never like to think about the worst case scenario in this type of inventory disposition, Gun StoreMaster™ makes it easy to process giving you one less worry when it comes to proper documentation.